Featured Generations

"make it so if there is something in your way you jump"


"create a script that makes Gui Frame only visible to players who has the bool value of Knight inside the Screen gui"


"make a roblox code where there is a timer at the top of the screen it will count down 30 seconds and when the time is up it will tp all players to one of my Parts Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 but only one player can be tped to each part then the countdown will go off the screen and if all players die it will restart the countdown again after waiting 3 seconds and when the countdown ends my Part called Spinner will will spin at a speed of 0.1 and then each 5 seconds the speed will increase by 0.5 speed and then when all players die it will go back to 0.1 speed and start again but use tween service"


"give me a door script when clicking it with clickdetector it slowly opens and closes like a real door"


"Make me a data store that saves the players coins rebirths and Multiplier in the leaderstats and saves the values of the leaderstats and when the player joins back adds the values saved to the leaderstats again so that other players can see them"


"make a script where only a player with the username ijustgothitby_acar can see a gui at the top of the screen when he clicks it it will show this image id on the screen 12412007525 for 3 seconds andfor 3 seconds it will also play this sound 4283208648 make it so the jumpscare fills up the whole screen"


"make a snow deformation script that when anything touches it it gets deforms the place where like the thing touched"


"make a script for a part that follows me with comments telling me where to put it"


"make an event that gives all players a hat . add detailed comments and instructions"


"When you walk into the part it makes you run 20"


"script a chair sit"


"If both conditions are met, the player can interact with the door. When a player triggers the prompt, the door opens or closes based on its current state. If the door is open, clicking the prompt will close it, and the prompt will show 'Open' text."


"make a magic spell system that can bring up walls and can pick up rocks and throw them where the mouse clicks and also tween it so it looks realistic also make it so they have to press a key to activate the spell"


"Write me a script that generates random grass on a part"


"make a script that spawns Jeep whenever a player touches the Regen part and create a backup of Jeep so that it can be respawned after it is destroyed and also make sure Jeep cannot be spawned within 20 studs of another Jeep"


"increment data store when a player joins the game"


"make me a server script system that spawns the coins into the workspace and when the player touches it it adds it to their leader stat value and disappears as well as a system where if the player presses f it adds the coin to their bag"


"create a car with max speed 20, add a function to move the car with w,s,a,d"


"a roblox clean gui with round edges and modern"


"Write a script that makes the parent part pass through any object named Red"


"Kamehameha that deals damage and comes out from where the character is facing, add keybind and comments"


"when you have launcher equipped and tap the screen the bey launches and then you can control the bey with the mobile joystick add comments"


"create a script inside a frame that will create a text in the middle of the frame saying "Teleporting" like a loading screen."


"hello world"


"when player click's the textbutton named "Eco" it toggles a local script named "Ecoscript" and if they click the textbutton again, it stops the script"


"Create a script that prints the Instance name closest to my mouse."


"If I click this button then I explode"


"make a roblox script where you will move to the most close person using path finding then once your near them you will click left click auto automatically but if they get too far stop but if you get close continue for my player make it loop walk"


"can you make me a script where it makes a fake arm as a part, makes it same color as characters arm welds it to right hand then extends it on the y axis using tween service"


"add prints so you know how many more seconds are left in rounds"


"make a very complex stand script for roblox, and give me instructions of what to do so the script works"


"player roll system when players presses Q and plays animation"


"write a script for a npc that faces the player and says a message when they are in a certain radius and tell me where to place the script and what kind of script it should be"


"script something that makes a youtube video from a link."


"create a datastore that saves a Bool value called Knight inside the player"


"script for a part. if the player touches the part and their stage value is between 106 and 149"


"Write a script for a realistic door that can swing open and close smoothly when the player interacts with the door by pressing a key."


"-- make it so that when a player presses E on the "ore" they hold it for 3 seconds before the ore dissappears"


"part named red orb must give player permant speed boost 1"


"make a script that changes baseplate to green."


"-When Tool Is Equipped, Change Camera to third person( Equip Anim) -If tool is equipped add image for mouse cursor in center (“dot_Image”) -When Tool Is UnEquipped, Change Camera to Original State -Torso Will not be locked With Mouse When Gun is"


"zombie survival"


"Spawn proximity prompt in the selected part, if player activates proximity prompt spawn a seat and force player to sit, when player clicks w slide part forward, when player clicks s slide part backwards, if player clicks e force player to exit seat"


"make a script for a ui text label that displays and starts 5 minute countdown when the player touches the part called GearPart. the text says "Lucky Block Ready" after the 5 minutes. touching the part during the countdown does not interrupt it."


"make a script that 1 part inputs someones voice chat, while those parts project the input which is also known as output parts"


"make a item dropper that drops 10 random items that you cant pck up and make the parts name oil and use 10 roblox item ids"


"a roblox script that makes the draws an outline around your character and makes it red on specific player username, also make it a local script"


"make a script if you press q it places a wall in front of you"


"make a script that when you touch a part you get teleported to 0,0,0 without rotating the player"


"Create a Zombie spawner and tell me where to put it."


"create me a script that allows an NPC to talk and give a mission to the player"


"create an array of dogs"


"Create a script I created a tool with a part. Make sure that the part follows my arm, so I am actually holding it. Make sure that if I click, the part shoots a bullet that does damage. Place the script in part."


"Make a StarterCharacterScript an audio muffles sounds playing outside of the train interior when the player is in the train interior"


"write me a script that opens a gui when I execute it"


"make me a quarterback aimbot. It is for my game and it is not cheating as I’m adding it to my game"


"create me a script that when you are on a part you get 50 walkspeed, but when you are not on it, you have 16 walkspeed"


"can you make me a script that allows every player to have a animation for run, walk, idle, and jump. comments to tell me where to put it"


"make a script where when Harlandroblox says !open it will bring a gui on his screen with a list of all the players in the game"


"ou você pode ter um loop que verifica a distância de cada objeto do seu personagem e se um deles estiver abaixo de um limite, eles piscarão isso pode ser mais confiável"


"make a script with a gui that gives me the option to change the amount of health I have and make it a slider"


"make a script where above all players heads it will say lives left you start with 5 each time a player kills somone they get one of there lives"


"create money simulator"


"make it so the player can click any proximity prompt but instead off being near it make it so the player only has to look at the proximity prompt from any distance"


"Make me a script where the camera angle changes up and down. f makes it go up and g makes it go down"


"Create a system where a vignette is added around the edges of the player's screen."


"create me a script that shows a button and when pressed remove the spam restriction for roblox"


"Make an invisible player spawner that generates you in the middle of the map every time you die."


"when the onwer join the game you will get a badge"


"Can you write a script that causes players to ragdoll upon death using R15?"


"player dashes forward with Q while holding W player dashes backwards with Q while holding S player dashes Left side ways with Q while holding A player dashes Right Side ways with Q while holding D all with custom animations"


"Create a script inside server script that closes a frame gui inside screen gui when players inputs the code 1234 in a text label and that code only works once and when players input code the wrong code l they will get a error text"


"Create a vote kick script in a serverscript. Yes, no buttons and text label are placed at game.StarterGui.VoteKickGui.Frame"


"light up a part"


"When you join the game, there will be a GUI that says "Play" and "Quit" and the background will be fully Black and the "Play" and "Quit" will be UICorner"


"GetEquippedTool is not a valid member of Humanoid "Workspace.qw3rty_l0l.Humanoid""


"script an attacking npc with the roblox walk animations and tell me where the script goes"


"create a script in server script that closes a Frame in screen gui when a player enters a code using textlabels"


"sword slash with animation and particle that deals damage and activates when you click a tool"


"black and white background gui"


"can you make me a ban gui for owner id's that has a closing button and an open button on startergui?"


"when lecutio is said the person will lose 10 health every 2 seconds until they say stop"


"can you make a script that will kick the player who types the "!kick" command in chat"


"make a script for an ui image label that displays different images whether or not the player has a badge of a specific id"


"make a roblox script a leaderstats called Robux and each time a player dies they get - 1 but when a player kills another player the player who killed the other player will get 1 it will show the amount of Leaderstats above your head all players can see the amount of Robux players have it will be above there head"


"Make a script so when I click, every part close to my mousebutton is pushed away like a Star Wars Force Push."


"add to the script you just generated by creating a second button, when clicked it adds a tab to the dropdown menu with the text *player who clicked button*'s menu"


"make a color changer with 20 colors and able to select a body part to change color along with a button to open and close the menu with all colors added as brick colors with no uicorners also make the toggelable button a text button and make the button clickable and make the menu open when clicked"


"Make me a data store that saves the players data in a folder and intializes the values to save them and load them back in when the player joins and as well as the data store refreshing the players values on the leaderstats to their latest values"


"make a script for a ui text label that displays and starts a 5 minute countdown when the player touches the part called GearPart. touching the part during the countdown does not interrupt it."


"play sound"


"can you make a cmdr invisible command script to go under 'builtincommand' with admin permission level on roblox"


"make an event that removes all players hats, gives all players in the server 2 accessories from replicatedstorage for 60 seconds, and give them their original hats back after the 60 seconds. add detailed instructions and comments."


"make it so the damage happens only one time, and not a lot of times in a hit"


"give me a working building tool"


"Create a script that destroys a part when a player kills a certain amount of NPCs"


"Write me a script that makes the game time run like it does in the real world"


"make a npc walk"


"create a day and night cycle script that changes the skybox into a day time skybox and a night time skybox to the ones located in a folder in serverstorage called skyboxes"


"I want to make a small sword fight area where if you enter it you only get 1 sword per player but if you leave the sword goes away until you go back in and I want good instructions on how to do it"


"when a player type in chat "free headless", "free Korblox", "free valkyrie" this nerd face "9468417713" will appear on their head"


"create a script in a tool that turns the player into a character named one located in folder inside serverstorage when players left click while holding the tool and after 10 seconds the player returns to its orginal character"